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Summer Pierce by YukinaHimora Summer Pierce by YukinaHimora
Made with deviantART muro I honestly have no idea for a title. Oh well, there's no relation to any fan fiction or story of any sort to this one. I just love drawing Pierce, although i find he almost seems off without the hat, but I noted in the 'summer season' of snapshots for the Amusement Park he was wearing a short sleeved green shirt and a different hat ( I am no good at hat's, Pierce's regular one is almost a miracle to turn out half decent as it is on most of my work) so i didn't bother with it in this picture. At least I have it finished, no real theme to it though.

The flowers are: sunflowers. ( I tried hard to draw them but quite a few people recently said they look like daisy's....idk, i tried to fix that on here seeing i couldn't redo the ink on paper one.) The seed's are also suppose to be sunflower seeds, which i love and idk just threw in for the fun of it......idk this was originally done in boredom.
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June 12, 2014
June 12, 2014
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